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Further Legal Retractions

November 24, 2010

“I refuse to apologise for my comment last week that most people don’t know who Ted Baillieu is.  Many viewers were extremely annoyed because of my impertinence, and also because they didn’t know who I was talking about.”

“Last week I mentioned that just because the Greens Political Party want to legalise Gay Marriage and stop global warming doesn’t mean they know how to run the state’s economy…  I just thought that was worth repeating.”

“And I was wrong to say that John Brumby’s Boot Camps for Year 9’s will be just like my old days at Duntroon Military College.   The Boot Camps will have more consensual sex.”

“I want to say sorry to all the Family First Candidates.  I’m so sorry you’re a Family First Candidate.”

“I also misspoke when I said that Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu is a private school born-to-rule Little Lord Fauntleroy who thinks poor people are poor because they’re lazy.  For the record, he also thinks they’re stupid.”

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