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Who Are The Mebmistresses?

November 27, 2010

Everyone wants to know: Who are the stylish ladies at the Communications Station of “With Tim Ferguson”?

Pamela Meagher and Bethany Edwards are the minds behind the websites, blogs and tweets of the show.  Live Tweeting from the set of a Live show is a world-first innovation, putting “With Tim Ferguson” in touch with a worldwide audience instantly.

“I couldn’t do the show without the support of Bethany and Pamela,” says Ferguson.

With fans in the UK and USA itching for word on the latest show, Bethany and Pamela sate the thirst of thousands of overseas fans with live-tweets, info and their bon mots of dazzling wit. And now they are becoming renowned in their own right, with letters and emails flooding into WTFHQ. “Webmistresses r my #1 hrtthrob wwwicons,” says one Los Angeles-based ex-pat blogger.

The ladies are professional screenwriters for film and TV.  They are officially-trained Cheeky Monkey Comedy Writers,  so they also provide Tim with insights on his scripts.

Tim says, “They are funnier than me, of course, so I trust their judgment. They let me know if I’ve written a gag that stinks like, well, a gag that hasn’t been washed for days.  Thank heaven for the Webmistresses!”

(Photo: Pamela Meagher [left] and Bethany Edwards)

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