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Down memory triangle

December 13, 2010

The Doug Anthony All Stars perform ‘Lament for Brendan Behan’ and then Behan’s ‘Auld Triangle’ on The Big Gig.

You can buy DAAS’s ICON on iTunes now…. Did you know?





December 6, 2010

More Questions and Answers with Tim Ferguson

My worst habit is …     Brevity.

The thing I fear most is …     Ghosts. Being non-existent must anger them. And when non-existent beings get angry, who knows what will happen ?

My guiltiest pleasure is … the same as everyone else’s.

It’s a bit daggy but I love …. Star Wars toys. My collection takes up so much room, I have to sleep outside in the belly of my Taun-Taun.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was … three world tours in a year. I still wake up sleeping.

If there were five people I could invite to dinner, they would be …     Julius Caesar, Germain Greer, Richard Nixon and the Olsen Twins.

As a child I was …. very, very quiet. It was the best way to sneak up on wabbits.

My first job was…. Deputy Gardener at Tidbinbilla Space Observatory. Trust me, the Aliens are here. And they like the petunias.

I realised I could make people laugh …. when I was kicked in the head by a horse.

The first time I performed for an audience I … played King Lear in primary school. The reviews were terrible, said I over-reached.

One of my most enjoyable performing moments was … singing about dogs at the Barcelona Olympics Festival.

One thing I’d like to forget is … Sweden. Spa baths are for making us feel clean.

The entertainer I most admire is… Paul McDermott. He is my hero.

The question I’m most often asked is … “Did you forget your toothbrush?”  The embarrassing thing is that I always forget my toothbrush.  To cover the awkward moment, I lash out violently.

The strangest place I’ve been recognised is … in Ketchikan, Alaska. The Eskimos have cable now.

The best fib I ever told was … “It’s only illegal in Queensland.”

A book that means a lot to me is … One Crowded Hour by Tim Bodin. It’s the story of legendary Aussie cameraman Neil Davis.

A song that resonates with me …. Long Way To The Top by ACDC.  Pure, unadulterated rock.  No whining.

If my house caught fire the first thing I would grab is … my Lightsaber (which probably started the fire).

My worst fashion moment was …. 1998-2005.

Three things people might not know about me are …. 1. I’m an equestrian Eventing enthusiast.   2. I enjoy pole-vaulting.       3. I wear a neck brace.

The single thing that would improve my quality of life is … a monkey that can cook, shave and dance for daddy.

My secret skill (now no longer a secret) is …. I’m a publicist for ASIO.

You wouldn’t know it, but I’m no good at …. Greco-Roman Wrestling. Those suckers are slippery!

A song I don’t want played at my funeral is … The theme from ‘Ghostbusters’.

Five years from now I hope to be … spending summer in chilly Albury and winter in sunny Wodonga.

My biggest regret is …. letting Justin Bieber copy my haircut for five bucks.

I wish I had … a truck driver’s license. I don’t care whose.

I wish I hadn’t … become a comedian. Interpretive Dance is my true calling.

If only I could … grow an extra head. Then I could say “I’m beside myself” and people wouldn’t laugh, because it would be true.

Congratulations, Greens!

December 4, 2010

Tim Ferguson gave a speech last night to the Committee of Young Socialists Who Live With Their Parents. Here is an excerpt:

“…and that’s where Protestant embryos come from.


Comrades, I must offer my congratulations  and thanks to the Victorian Greens Political Party (GPP) for proving my predictions true.


The GPP delivered government to Liberal leader Ted Baillieu.


Yes, the Liberal Party’s withdrawing of preferences from the Greens was a brilliant tactic. It was trumped by the GPP who encouraged the innocent yet naïve intelligentsia to knowingly squander their votes on Green candidates who had no hope of winning. Masterful politics, exploiting a limited but narrow but gormless understanding of electoral law.


The GPP thought Brumby Labor was awful and took over 10% of his votes away. Clearly, they prefer the Liberals (who have an excellent yet bleak environmental and social justice record).

The axiom “Conservatives have no better friends than the petulant Left” is proven true once again.


The Greens are no doubt plotting to get their friend, Tony Abbott, into the Lodge using the same dumb yet stupid yet kill-me-now tactic.


The GPP’s noble sacrifice of the balance of power in Victoria will cause feverish discussion in Brunswick Street cafes and the University Arts Faculty Tearoom.

[Pause …]

But it may happen in important places too.


Next, Comrades, I will show you how the farmer gets a wife…”

Down the Lens: Presenting for TV

December 3, 2010

Down the Lens: Presenting for TV with Tim Ferguson
Wednesday December 8, 6.30pm
Cinema Nova – 380 Lygon St Carlton

Admission Free:

Drinks and tapas available from the Cinema Nova bar.
Cinema Nova is fully licensed.

Presenting is a key growth area for paid work for trained actors, with many (but not all) of the same skills required for presenting as for drama or comedy. Come along to the final AT2 networking night for 2010 and hear from one of Australia’s most experienced actor/performer/presenters, Tim Ferguson.

Tim’s career began in the mid-1980s as a member of musical comedy performance trio ‘Doug Anthony All Stars’ (DAAS) alongside Richard Fidler and Paul McDermott. DAAS were much heralded for their performances at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which led to numerous appearances on British television. Returning to Australia, in 1989 they became regular performers on ABC TV show ‘The Big Gig’, which led to their own ABC comedy series DAAS Kapital in 1991.

In 1995 Ferguson appeared in a dramatic/comedy role on Working Dog’s ABC TV series ‘Funky Squad’, and hosted ‘Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush’ on Channel Nine. He then co-wrote and hosted eight series and twelve one-hour specials of his comedy clip show ‘Unreal TV’ (Network Ten). In 2003 he hosted a talk back radio show on 3AK and was the host of Big Brother: The Insider for the Ten Network. He also appeared in ‘Fat Pizza: The Movie’ as the magician, “David Cockerfield”. Since then he has done television commentary and hosting including ‘Good News Week’ (Network Ten), ‘The Glass House’ (ABC), ’20 to 1′ (Channel Nine), and most recently as a guest presenter on ‘The Cricle’ (Network Ten) and fronting his own political satire series ‘With Tim Ferguson’ (Channel 31).

Presented by Open Channel and AT2 Casting. Supported by Film Victoria.


More info at:

The Queen’s Facebook

December 3, 2010

Tim Ferguson was able to get access to the Queen’s official Facebook page and presents his findings on Her Majesty!


Check it:

The Social Train Network

December 1, 2010

Red Light, Green Light this week looked at ‘The Social Train Network’. Alan Finney assesses the script and discusses it with Tim Ferguson!

Property Developers!

November 29, 2010


Melbourne is growing rapidly! Tim, along with an audience of property developers, project what Victoria will look like in 20 years time….

Watch it here: