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Tim’s Thinkers


‘With Tim Ferguson’ has no joke-writers to tell Tim what to say.

It has Thinkers to tell him what to think.

MARC GRACIE –   Filmmaker (The Tumbler, The Craic, Takeaway). Sitcom producer (The     Adventures of Lano & Woodley, Unreal TV). TV Comedy producer (Full Frontal, Shock Jock)   If entertainment has a name, it is ‘Marc’.  Or ‘Gracie’.  Or both.

MICHAEL GURR –  Playwright, political speechwriter.   Politicians won’t speak until Michael has written the words.                 Tim won’t speak until Michael has explained the words.

CHRIS THOMPSON –  Award-winning screenwriter, playwright, sitcom writer. Chris has more talent in his pinky the most people have in their entire bodies (which accounts for the alarming size of his pinky).

ANGELA LEE –  Producer and film & television development consultant. Angela is known to the industry as ‘The Future’.

FIONA SCOTT NORMAN –  Writer, stand-up, satirist, broadcaster, director, columnist, author, ex-critic. And she can perform Interpretive Tap Dance. (Must be seen to be disbelieved.)

ALAN FINNEY –  Australian movie legend. Alan was awarded the O.A.M. (Order of Australia Medal) in the 2002 Queen’s New Years Honours List for his services to to the Australian film industry. Seriously.

MARK RYAN –  Trade unionist, finance expert and foreign exchange trader. A Marxist, Capitalist, philosopher and Darwinist. Over-achieving takes up most of his time.

JOEL DEANE – Poet, novelist, journalist and political speechwriter. He was a producer of the MSNBC tech-news show The Site and served as chief speechwriter for Premiers Steve Bracks and John Brumby. Joel’s our insider inside the inside.

JEHAN RATNATUNGA – Entrepreneur, screenwriter, maverick.  Jehan takes ten risks before we’ve had breakfast.  It’s dangerous to leave Jehan and Tim alone without supervision.

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